Caso 2: Silvio, 29 anni Codifica nella categoria “Distanziante/Rifiutante l'attaccamento) (Ds) ed in particolare nella sottocategoria Ds1.


Scales for Experience              M                   F                 Other

Loving                                __(3)_         __C.R._              ____


Rejecting                             __C.R._      __C.R._              ____


Involving/Reversing              __C.R._      __C.R._              ____


Pressured to achieve             __C.R._      __C.R._              ____


Neglecting                            __C.R._      __C.R._              ____


Scales for States of mind Respecting the Parents (or other persons)

                                          Mother          Father               Other

Idealizing                              __8_            __8_                 ____


Involving Anger                    __1_             __1_                 ____


Derogation                           __1_             __1_                 ____


Scales for Overall States of Mind

Overall Derogation of Attachment      __/__


Insistence on Lack of Recall             __8_ Traum.memory loss?___


Metacognitive Processes                   __1_


Passivity of Thought Processes         __1,5_


Fear of Loss                                    __1_


Highest Score for Unresolved Loss    __2_


Highest Score for Unresolved Trauma)1 __/_


Coherence of transcript                     __2,5_


Coherence of Mind                           __3__




1 If this score is derived from (a) abuse not directly related to attachment figures or (b) other potentially traumatic events, please note.

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